1/2 hp Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Opens by Remote, Inside and from Car

Enjoy a great end to every day by installing the Craftsman Garage Door Opener with Anti-Burglary Coding today. The 1/2 HP motor lifts your garage doors gently and doesn’t close until it’s sure you’ve arrived safely inside. You don’t have to rush in because advanced sensors will reverse the closing doors if they detect your car’s motion. Once you’re in, the PosiLock system will make sure the garage doors are closed tight behind you.

You receive two remotes with this 1/2 hp Chain Drive Garage Door Opener. Keep one for yourself and give another to a family member or friend if you have a double garage. If it happens that you lose your remote, you can open from inside the house. Another option is to have a homelink visor installed so you can open it from inside your car. For your safety, it uses top anti-burglary technology that sends a new code every time you use it. This prevents thieves from interfering or activating it when you’re not home.

  • The Craftsman Garage Door Opener with Anti-Burglary Coding ensures you a smooth and safe drive into your garage every day
  • Hardworking 1/2 HP motor with chain system lifts and closes garage doors with ease
  • Sensor technology reverses closing doors if they detect motion from your car
  • PosiLock system closes door tight
  • Comes with 2 remotes with anti-burglary technology that sends new codes every time you use them
  • If you lose remote, open from interior
  • Alternately, install homelink compatible visor to open from inside car
  • Dependable system that won’t cause harm to property or users
Specifications & Dimensions
Product Overview:
Door Opener Type: Chain drive
General Warranty: 4 years
Item Weight (lbs.): 36.5
Horsepower: 1/2 hp
General Features:
Battery Backup Function: No
Motor Power Type: AC
Internet Connectable: No
Has Doorbell Operation: Yes
Keypad Entry: No
Number of Lights: 1
Number of Remotes Included: 2
Safety Sensor Type: Contact and non-contact
Has Emergency Release: Yes
Open Door Monitor: No
Safety Sensor Beam Technology: Yes
Wall Control Type: Standard
ENERGY STAR Compliant: No