THE COPPER MINE SERIES only gets better with age. Choose from flush smooth, wood grain texture flush or Lexington raised panel. Real 100% copper coated window frames and insert trim are available options.


Copper Mine Series Features:
 * Smooth or wood grain texture
 * 24ga AGSC Copper seamless roll formed sections
 * Flush design or raised panel (raised panel is only available in woodgrain texture)
 * 2” thick tongue and groove joint system
 * Full cavity thick 2lb E.P.S. polystyrene insulation. Hybrid urethane adhesive system produces a rigid insulation sandwich. Note: urethane penetration into E.P.S. foam is ¼” X 4 sides
 * Energy efficiency rating R.10
 * 2” thick sandwich style insulated design with choice of
 -27ga embossed white wood grain texture steelback
 -24ga light embossed stainless steelback 2-B brush finish
 * End cap stiles are 24ga stainless steel
 * Unseen heavy gauge steel back up plates between foam and back for extra strength/hinge holding power
 * Powder coated white pinch resistant flat hinge system with 4mm stainless steel pin (Lifetime Warranty)
 * Real copper coated frames and inserts available.
 – Available clear coat to prevent the natural patina process
 * 18” and 21” sections available