First United Door Technologies sets a new standard for commercial/industrial steel sectional doors. Unmatched in quality and design, each of our products is crafted for years of superior performance. Special features include our exclusive RITS™, reinforced integral truss system design for greater strength and durability with attention to details and distinctive structural design you won’t find elsewhere.

  • Exclusive RITS™ “Reinforced Integral Truss System” design, for increased section strength and wind-load capabilities that include tongue and groove weather resistant meeting rails.
  • 2-inch thick sections are pre-finished with a two-coat white polyes-ter paint system inside and out.
  • Matching galvanized center and end stiles are bonded vertically with a silicone based cement, and then riveted to the RITS™ meeting rails for maximum strength and durability.
  • 2-inch ten ball NYLON rollers are standard to ensure quietness and increased door life.
  • Inside lock is an industrial spring loaded combination dead bolt and D-ring handle. Derby pull rope is 1/2″ blue.

Steel door sections are formed from 24 gauge (20 ga. optional) hot-dipped galvanized steel. Sections are 2-inches thick, with an oven baked two-coat white polyester paint on both the exterior and interior surfaces.  End stiles and center stiles are made of 18 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel. Each section has six pencil grooves and two, 2-inch “U” grooves. The stiles are riveted to the tongue and groove meeting rails and bonded at 8 separate locations to the face of the section with a high impact/tensile strength adhesive. Each section is roll formed with the RITS™ “Reinforced Integral Truss System” design to enhance the section’s strength and the door’s overall wind-load capabilities. The bottom section is reinforced with an aluminum bottom retainer and support a 3-1/2 inch (5-inch optional) replaceable grooved “U” type vinyl bottom weather seal.


All track and hardware components are made from galvanized steel.  Hinges are a minimum 14 gauge steel. Nylon ten ball rollers are used with 2-inch track. Doors that require 3-inch track will use steel (Nylon optional). 2-1/4 or 3 inch truss bars are used when door weight and width dictates their use, or as an optional upgrade for added strength. All fasteners are zinc plated and self-locking. Horizontal tracks are 2 or 3-inch and reinforced with a full length 1-1/2 or 2-inch horizontal angle. Vertical tracks will be either bracket mounted, or angle mounted to accommodate standard lift applications (high lift, vertical lift, low headroom or roof pitched type applications are optional). The inside lock (thru lock optional) is a heavy duty thru-bolt lock with a spring loaded D-ring handle, 1/2 inch pull rope and 4-1/2 inch step plate are standard.


Torsion springs are oil tempered spring wire engineered and calibrated to meet a minimum of 10,000 cycles (high cycle springs optional). The torsion springs are mounted on either a 16 or 14 gauge galvanized torsion tube or a solid steel shaft depending upon door weight and size. Galvanized aircraft cable with a safety factor of seven-to-one is used in connection with the appropriate cable drums.


Insulation: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) 1.625 nominal thickness with an R-factor 7.35 available with a laminated high impact vinyl back skin or 26 gauge pre-painted white steel back skin. Calculated door section R-Values are in accordance with DASMA TDS-163.

Glazing/Lites/ports: Window sizes of 24×5, 24×12, 30×16, are available in an insulated or uninsulated frame and window. Aluminum Full View sections are also available in white to match the color of the ribbed sections. Lexan, double strength glass, wire glass, tempered glass, or insulated glass are available as glass options. Exhaust ports are avail-able as a factory installed option.

Weatherseals: Optional 5-inch grooved “U” bottom seal and “Ultimate”™ seal for the bottom section are available to seal most floor irregularities. Reverse angle seal and top section seal are available to seal the perimeter of the opening on steel or concrete jambs. Vinyl stop is used on doors with wood jambs.

Hardware/Locks/Track/Springs: Vertical lift, high lift, low headroom or follow-the-roof-pitch are optional track configurations. High cycle springs in increments of 25K, 50K, 100K are optional. “T” handle thru-lock with double snap latches or 5-pin tumbler/cylinder lock with lock rod are available as optional locking devices.

Electric Operators/Chain Hoist: Direct drive and reduced drive chain hoists are available. Electric drawbar or jackshaft operators in various voltages of 110V, 220V, and 460V are available as well as radio con-trols, electric safety edges, and light beams as additional options.