¾ HP DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with DieHard Battery Back-Up

Backed by Diehard® power, this Garage Door Opener DC Belt system delivers smooth opens, secure closes and powerful illumination even when the rest of the house is pitch black.

¾ HP DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener DieHard® Battery Backup

The Assurelink Garage Door system delivers quality control and peace of mind in an innovative package. If you’ve ever hustled out of the house not certain whether or not you closed the garage door

¾ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with Keyless Entry

More powerful than most, the Craftsman 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener was built to make short work of heavy doors with a smooth cranking action that’s quiet and reliable.

½ HP CHain Drive Garage Door Opener with Security+ Anti-Burglary Coding

Enjoy a great end to every day by installing the Craftsman Garage Door Opener with Anti-Burglary Coding today. The 1/2 HP motor lifts your garage doors gently and doesn’t close until it’s sure you’ve arrived safely inside.