Porvene’s 200 Series Sheet Doors are the “Original Sheet Door”, introduced into the United States in the 1960’s. It’s ease of operation and economical price has made it an industry standard within the construction industry. This product can be Insulated, Windlocked™ , and built with a pass door. This complete product line is available, depending on size, as Hand Operation or Chain Operation and can be upgraded to Electric Operation.


Slide 1Standard Features:

    1. Greaseless Nylon Bearings
      This excluside feature delivers longer life than metal bearings, without costly maintenance.
    2. Drum Assembly
      The counter balancing mechanism is housed in this unique, roll-up assembly, forming a self enclosed hood.
    3. Lock Seam
      The sections are lock seamed together. If one section is damaged beyoond repair, it can be easily replaced.
    4. Weather Seal
      A blade astragal made from E.P.D.M., a highly resilient and flexible rubber compound, runs the full lengtth of the bottom angle to seal the threshold of the opening. This forms a barrier against weather, dirt, insects and rodents.
    5. Guides
      Roll formed single piece guide standard on all doors.
    6. Chain Operation
      smooth hand-chain provides safe and comfortable operation eliminating the sharp edges common to lock link hand chain.
    7. Locking Asswmbly
      Exclusive tamper-proof slide bolt lock accommodates two padlocks for double protection.
    8. Galvanized Steel Curtain
      A continuous sheet of .021″ galvanized steel delivers maximum security.

Other Options:

  • Reserved curtain for exterior mounting
  • Slope strip (for sloped floors)
  • Hoods/facia panels
  • Dead bolt locks for wicket doors
  • Available in 3 colors: white/tan/brown
  • Contact us for other options available