Porvene’s 400 Series Service Doors offer 24/22/20/18 gauge slats for additional strength. Our new and innovative slat design reduces the snapping sounds that come from metal to metal contact common to rolling steel slat doors when the door is opening and closing. Powder Coating in a wide variety of colors is also available. This product line comes standard with Chain Operation and can be upgraded to Electric Operation.


Standard Features:

  1. Steel Slat Curtain
    All slats are manufactured from the highest quality galvanized steel with a baked enamel prime finish. Available in 18 ga., 20 ga., 22 ga., or 24 ga. flat or curved slat.
  2. Guides
    Minimum 3/16″ structural steel angle. (roll formed guides on 24 gauge doors up to 14.0″x14.0″.)
  3. Bottom Bar
    Two 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ thick structural steel angles form a rugged bottom bar assembly. A rubber bottom astragal helps to conform to floor irregularities and helps guard against weather, dirt, insects and rodents.
  4. Pipe Barrel
    Continuous 6″ minimum diameter pipe to support curtain with no more than .03″ of deflection per foot of width.
  5. Counterbalance
    Helical torsion springs are oil tempered and grease packed. Springs are designed for 20,000 cycles minimum and are accurately calculated for every door using Porvene’s uniquely designed “Door Dynamometer”.
  6. Door Stops
    Stops are located on the inside and outside of the guides for added safety.
  7. Hood
    24 Gauge galvanized steel with a baked enamel prime finish hood that forms an enclosure at the top of the door.
  8. Chain Hoist
    Heavy duty #50 roller chain and sprockets combined with a smooth hand-chain provides for safe and efficient operation. Removal of chain hoist makes door Electric Operation ready without further modification or cost.
  9. Sealed Ball Bearing
    Self-aligning and allow free rotation of barrel.

Other Options:

  • Dead bolt locks for wicket doors and pass doors
  • Inverted curtain for exterior mounting 
  • Slope strip (for sloped floors) 
  • Powder coating available 
  • Cylinder lock 
  • Cast iron endlocks/windlocks 
  • Higher than 20 P.S.F. wind loading available 
  • High cycle option 150,000 cycles 
  • Electric interlocks 
  • Contact us for other options available