THE SEAMLESS STAINLESS SERIES, no seams here! Rolled formed seamless perfection! Available in optional nickel/metal coated window frames.
* 24ga 316L 4-B brush finish stainless steel smooth.
* Seamless roll formed sections 2″ thick tongue and groove joint system.
* Bonded full cavity thick 2lb E.P.S. polystyrene insulation. Our hybrid urethane adhesive system produces a rigid insulation sandwich. Note: urethane penetration into E.P.S. foam is 1/4″ x 4 sides.
* Energy efficiency rating R.10.
* 2″ thick sandwich style insulated design with choice of:
– 27ga embossed white wood grain texture steel back
– 24ga light embossed texture stainless steel back 4-B brush finish.
* End cap stiles are 24ga stainless steel.
* Unseen heavy gauge steel back up plates are laminated between foam and back skin for extra strength/hinge holding power.
– Strength/Hinge Holding Power
– Pinch resistant type heavy duty 14ga flat hinge system with 4mm stainless steel pin lifetime warranty.
– Optional Real Metal Coated Nickel/Metal Frames And Inserts Available.
* 18″ and 21″ sections available.